O’Loughlin Traffic on Victory Road

October 10th, 2016 | Posted by admin in Featured Articles

Important Message for our O’Loughlin Parents:

TMP has graciously agreed to allow O’Loughlin traffic to use Victory Road for arrival and dismissal times. Parents were notified prior to the start of school that all motor vehicles must stay on the paved Victory Road. O’Loughlin vehicles turn right off of Hall Street onto Victory Road through the south gate only. O’Loughlin parents are not allowed to use the north entrance into TMP. After turning right from Hall Street, cars travel to the designated turn-around point, turn around and then travel east on Victory Road to the designated pick up spot for O’Loughlin students. Unfortunately, some O’Loughlin vehicles have disregarded the turn-around point and have made U-turns on Victory Road. In order to maintain much needed Victory Road privileges for our parents and students, all O’Loughlin traffic must respect and adhere to the turn-around traffic pattern. Absolutely all traffic must stay on the paved roads. Your immediate assistance with this traffic concern is critical for safety and convenience for both O’Loughlin and TMP students and families. We appreciate the cooperation and support we have received from TMP for the past 24 years and with your cooperation, look forward to maintaining this positive relationship in the future.

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